Even before your first sale, the first step to being an online success is to have the right look across the world wide web. You need all your social media platforms to match your brand, and that happens to be my specialty.
All of the work I do is 100% customized to fit your brand aesthetic so no two projects will ever look alike. 

I offer a complete social branding package that includes the following:

  • 4 Profile/Page Header Images [displayed at the top of your profile on social media]
  • Pixel Perfect Profile Pictures [an optimized version of your logo or an image of your choice that will look great even when displayed really really really tiny]
  • 15 post templates [images and backgrounds that fit your brand, all editable so you can update the text with any headline you see fit]
  • Branded Canva Setup [a new account with your color scheme, background images, and logo variations all uploaded in JPG and PNG format to make it easy for you to create new branded content]
  • 30 minute Canva training [a 30 minute virtual training session where I will show you how to easily upload and edit your images using Canva, a free online image editing program that I love]

A complete social branding setup costs a flat fee of $800 and can be done in two weeks or less.

If you have a new business, or your old business just needs a new look, request a complete social brand setup below and cross this off your to-do list!