Basics of Batching

So I spent the weekend at a bachelorette party, and was inspired to write up a #MarketingMonday post all about batching your posts for social media! When you are busy running your business and have a to do list a mile long, scheduling your social media in advance will save you so much time and stress. Setting aside a few hours to get all your ideas scheduled will make a night and day difference in your social media presence, keeping your posts consistent even when you don’t have the time to login everyday.  My top 6 tips are below, along with a link to my content calendar for Quarter 2, so you can write out all your awesome ideas!

Visuals Are Key

Always make an image to go with posts on facebook and/or twitter. Programs like Canva make that easy, or you can get templates from online design marketplaces like

Keep It Social

If you are always having a special or a sale, you end up being a billboard instead of engaging your customers. Check out this past #MarketingMonday post for a few creative ideas on content creation.

Be Consistent

The idea behind batching your posts is that you can be predictable to your audience; if you post whenever you feel like it, your messages can be blips on the social radar and make you look unprofessional. I recommend once a week for bare minimum, or 52 posts a year.

Know Your Audience

Facebook is a great place to share links to more information or details and events. Instagram is a visual platform, great for announcements and shoutouts to friends and followers. Keep those in mind when planning on where to promote what.

Schedule It In Advance

There are quite a few programs out there now that make it easy to schedule your posts in advance. On Facebook, you can do it from your page directly, clicking the ‘schedule’ option instead of post. is a great program for pre-scheduling instagram; they even have a feature that lets you save descriptions and hashtags to keep your strategy consistent. If you want one platform for all of it, Hootsuite and Edgar are popular ones, but I don’t have much experience with either.

Keep it organized

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