#BrandCrush - 5 Entrepreneurs Who Rock

Sometimes you need a little pick me up, a little inspiration to keep on chugging along this entrepreneurial life. If you need some fresh ideas, take a look at some of my favorite entrepreneurs on the web today. Side note - I am not affiliated or endorsed by these guys, nor do I take any funds, credit, or mojo for promoting them. I just happen to think they are cool. 

Marie Forleo

The fairy godmother of entrepreneurial life for me,  this crazy gal from Jersey got me hooked on her Marie TV episodes, and inspired me to create a business and a life that I love. Check out her blog over at MarieForleo.com and OMG follow her on Facebook - totally worth it. 

Danielle Laporte

The goddess and guru of all things desire, Danielle Laporte is a best selling author and creator of the Firestarter Sessions and the Desire Map. [Yes, I totally have a desire map planner. Got it for Christmas - thanks Grandma]

Sarah Heart

A cool Canadian with a big heart, I love Sarah’s branding style. She is feminine and minimalist, while still packing a ton of personality into her posts. If you need some guidance on your own brand, and want to roll with that fancy girl style, she will hand out that inspiration you need in spades. 

Gala Darling

Can a person be bold, daring, wild, and still soft at heart? Well, Gala can. She is an inspirational author with a brand that makes me want to join her at the cool kids table for lunch. A little class, a little sass, and *almost* as many tattoos as me, check out Gala Darling for some inspiration for your wild side. 

Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa griffin has a website that is bright and minimalist while still being full of energy. Her photographer is great because every photo looks like a genuine smile. She keeps her messaging short, to the point, and conversational, but doesn't dumb it down with too many “yes gurl!” kind of terms. Check out her blog for tips on growing an audience.


I am always looking for inspiration for … well, everything. From design to content, and even just some cool mantras to keep me centered. Who’s brand are you crushing on?