SEO Tactics for your Squarespace Blog

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art, yes art, of helping your website rank higher on search engines for certain keywords. Search engines use bots/spiders to "crawl" the world wide web to look for indicators that a particular site or page is more related to a search then another page.

For years, SEO experts have been working hard to help the right (read: highest bidder) websites show up for the right searches. Unfortunately, a lot of that lead to people abusing techniques to get "spammy" sites higher in search results.

Now Google is diligently sticking to its core mission - delivering the right results so people use it more than any other search engine. So Google is constantly updating their algorithms, giving certain factors more credit than others. They are doing their absolute best to help their own customer, the searcher, get the info they are actually looking for.

I am working on a big ol' blog post about this topic that applies to any and every website out there, but for the last two weeks I have been working on moving my own site over to Squarespace. Get the juicy details on why I picked Squarespace in this post.

So in my own work, I discovered seven different places in every blog post to put keyword content, aka - signals to those Google bots that when these keywords are searched, I want my site to show up in the results.

Now before you go putting the same word over and over, in the same spots on all your blog posts, I have one big word of caution - don’t over stuff keywords into your website! The main goal here is for the user, make your site something people would want to read, want to see when they search for that keyword. So that in mind, brainstorm your top 3-4 keywords for every blog post you are ready to write, and follow this checklist to make sure you have utilize all your options for search engine optimization. Download it, save it, share it, print it, just keep all these seven spots in mind when working on SEO for your Squarespace blog posts.

SEO Checklist for your Squarespace Blog Posts