Where I Find Images for My Business


Okay, maybe not a thousand, but you get the idea. Imagery is the internet. The phenomenal success of Pinterest proved it. Social posts with images perform dramatically better than those without, seen in statistics from study after study. [here’s one, and another, and a third just for funzies] But with this widespread adoption of using photos comes the bad part. People steal those images, and sometimes without even knowing it. If you do a Google image search and use the first one that comes up, you are setting yourself up for a cease-and-desist from the photographer, designer, or whoever owns the actual image. This is especially true if the photo has a face. If that person in the image didn’t give you or the image owner specific permission to use it, you could get in a heap of trouble. Now most of these issues go away without a fight. Someone sends an email saying “hey cut it out” so you do, then end of story. 


You can purchase the rights to an image, or at least the right to use it, from some well known companies like Adobe or Getty Images. If you are limited on budget, you can still have amazing imagery thanks to Creative Commons Zero. Images with a CC0 licence can be used for anything at anytime by anyone, without having to credit where you got it from or who took the picture. 


I like to have at least 2-3 images for every post I make, every piece of content for every platform out there. So yeah, I need a LOT of images. Here are the top 5 sites I love, and use often to make Dual Arrow Marketing oh so pretty.  
Side note - I am not affiliated with these folks in anyway, I just like what they do!
Unsplash.com [Free] Searchable and full of really amazing high resolution pictures, be sure to check out suggested collections when searching for images. 
Pexels.com [Free] Another great resource of high resolution photos, most of these are covered by CC0 but double check to be sure when downloading! 
Pixabay.com [Free] More than just a pretty picture, Pixabay has over 800,000+ images, vectors, illustrations, and videos, all covered by CC0 so you can use them anyway you see fit. 
IvoryMix.com [$$] These folks sell images, but they have over 300+ you can use for free. I like their style, focused mainly for bloggers and entrepreneurs, with quite a few color schemes to chose from. 
HauteChocolate.ca [$$] This site also sells sets of images, but you can get some top quality ones every month for free if you join their email list. 


I am always on the lookout for more resources Where do you find your images?