Homepage Essentials

I was consulting a fellow business owner on their website redesign, and got into a discussion about homepages and where we can cut the fluff and make a strong first impression. I drafted this list of homepage essentials for them, and wanted to share it here on my marketing blog too!


You have three seconds to make an impression. Your headline needs to be big, clear, and simple enough to convey your mission or product name. For a product or offer that is new/revolutionary, try Introducing The Blank


Here you have a little more space for details. focus on the problem/solution you are selling with your product. Great place for a tag line!


It sounds silly, but in order to get your site visitors to do anything, you literally have to tell people what to do! That's why I recommend having a call to action near the top. This is also a chance to segment your identities here; a sports store might list its top three sports in buttons, or a skin care line might segment by oily, dry, or combination. 


The main banner on a website is often called a hero image, but this is a critical part of your homepage. This image needs to be the epiphany of the identity you are selling. Humans are visual, and you need to make sure this really represents you brand.


This next section is for more details about you and your products. Being a home page, we want to still keep this part short, encouraging people to explore more. The main point here is to keep it simple; we don’t want to overwhelm with details about anything just yet. Imagine you are having a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop who asked what you do. You don’t jump into specs or materials used or how you ship stuff - you tell them a big about the idea, and maybe show off a photo or two. When they ask for more, then you keep talking. 


Make it easy for anyone who wants to reach you by including a clear contact option on your menu. I also recommend having social buttons on your home page, which are becoming standard for a website footer [like mine below!]


Now the possibilities for a homepage design are endless, but I whipped up a sample idea of what a homepage with all of these elements could look like.

Potential homepage design with all the essentials; part of a blog post at DualArrowMarketing.com/blog

Does your homepage have all of these essentials? Show it off in the comments below!